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Tsutenkaku Tower and Shinsekai 

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Shinsekai, located in the south of Osaka, is a magical place.
The strangely designed Tsutenkaku Tower stands in the center of the city.
As you walk through Shinsekai you will see many flashy billboards.
And you will see many kushikatsu restaurants.
You will see many playgrounds like festival stalls, with target shooting and archery on the streets.
The people in the city are energetic and cheerful.
Shinsekai is located in Osaka, the comedy-loving city in Japan.
And Shinsekai is the most Osaka-like town in Japan.
If you go to Osaka, I recommend you to go to Shinsekai.
Because it is a city with lots of good food and lots of fun things to do.

How to get to Shinsekai

Shinsekai is located in the south of Osaka.
Shinsekai has four nearest stations:

“Shin-Imamiya Station on the JR Loop Line”
“ Dobutsuen-mae Station on the Midosuji Subway Line”
“Dobutsuen-mae Station on the Midosuji Subway Line”
“Ebisucho Station on the Hankai Dentetsu Hankai Line”

Shinsekai is located in the south of Osaka and is close to the following areas

  • Dotonbori    : the entertainment district
  • Nippombashi   : for electricity, computers, and pop culture
  • Kuromon Market : a great place to eat and drink
  • Nishinari,    a town of day laborers with many inexpensive goods

The following is how to get to Shinsekai from the airport or Shinkansen station.

From Shin-Osaka Station/新大阪 (Shinkansen Station)
Shin-Osaka/新大阪駅 (Osaka Metro Midosuji Line) → Dobutsuen-mae/動物園前

From Itami Airport/伊丹空港
Osaka Airport/大阪空港 (Osaka Monorail) → Senri-Chuo/千里中央 (transfer to Kita-Osaka Kyuko Line) → Dobutsuen-mae/動物園前

From Kansai Airport/関西空港
Kansai Airport/関西空港 (JR) → Tennoji/天王寺 (transfer to Osaka Metro Midosuji Line) → Dobutsuen-mae/動物園前

Shinsekai Restaurants


Shinsekai has a variety of restaurants.
There are takoyaki, ramen, yakiniku, and many more.
What I recommend most in Shinsekai restaurants is kushikatsu (skewered pork cutlets).
Kushikatsu is made by skewering various foods and deep frying them in oil.
Meat, fish, vegetables, shrimp, mushrooms, and many other foods are cooked.
If you are eating with several people! You can each eat what you like.

shinsekai main street

There are many kushikatsu restaurants in Shinsekai.
Shinsekai’s main street has many new and large restaurants suitable for families or groups of four or more friends.


A little further back, on a street called “Janjan Yokocho,” you will find small, classic kushikatsu restaurants that have been around for decades. These restaurants have been around for a long time and are delicious.
However, many of the restaurants are small and stand-up meal.

You should choose a kushikatsu restaurant according to your own travel style.

Spa in Shinsekai

There are two spas in Shinsekai.
Spa World and Radium Onsen.
Each of them is a good spa.
Please go there according to your preference.

Spa world

spa world
spa world2

Spa World is a hot spring amusement facility where you can enter hot springs from around the world!
It is a beautiful and new building.
Admission is 1,500 yen for adults and 1,000 yen for children.
Swimming pools are also available for an extra fee.
You can also stay overnight, and there is a restaurant where you can drink alcohol.
Note that people with tattoos are not allowed to enter.
People with tattoos can enter the next radium hot spring.


Radium spring / ラジウム温泉

Radium Onsen
Radium Onsen
Radium Onsen
Radium Onsen

Radium Onsen is a public bathhouse located directly under Tsutenkaku Tower.
Admission is very inexpensive at 490 yen for adults and 200 yen for children.
Radium hot springs can also be used by people with tattoos.
This hot spring is a nostalgic hot spring from the 1900s.
There is an open-air bath with a Japanese garden where you can view Tsutenkaku Tower from directly below.
This open-air bath is very nice at night.
In Japan, baths in each town like the radium hot spring are called “sento.
Enjoy a Japanese sento.


Playgrounds and photos of “Shinsekai”

There are several places to play in Shinsekai.
They are unique to Shinsekai and very fun.

Shooting range, archery range, shuriken range/射的、弓道場、手裏剣道場

Shooting range,
Shooting range,

These are recently established playgrounds in Shinsegae.
They are usually experienced at Japanese festivals.
There are several locations throughout the city.
You shoot with a gun and get a prize for dropping it.
Bows and ninja shurikens are also played in a similar way.
Please enjoy them.

SmartBall New Star / スマートボール ニュースター

new star
smart ball

Smartball is a unique Japanese evolution of pinball.
The game is played by inserting 100 yen and hitting the balls that come out to increase the number of balls.
The more balls you hit, the more prizes you can win, such as candy.
There are only a few places in Japan where you can play Smartball.
One of them is “New Star” in Shinsekai.
You receive a prize for a low amount of money, but it is a type of gambling.
Therefore, only those over 18 years old can enter.
It is rare to be able to play retro games in a retro building from the 1900s.
You can play for 100 yen, so please go there!

Fishing pond restaurant “Jumbo Tsuribune Tsurikichi / ジャンボ釣船釣吉


On the main street of Shinsekai, there is a restaurant with a boat sign.
Looking into the restaurant, you will see two boats inside.
This is one of several tsuribori-style restaurants in Japan.
You can fish from the seats made in the shape of a boat inside the restaurant.
The fish you catch can be cooked and eaten on the spot.
This is a highly recommended place to enjoy a meal with your children and friends.

Retro game arcade / レトロゲームセンター

kasuga 2

There are several game centers in Shinsekai.
Among them, “Kasuga Yugijo (かすが娯楽場)” and “Zarigani (ザリガニ)” have retro games.

Super Mario
Dr. Mario
Final Fight

And many more retro games.
“When was this?” you may want to ask.
Nostalgic feelings will not be forgotten.
It’s fun too.

Tennoji Zoo / 天王寺動物園

tennoji zoo

Next to Tsutenkaku Tower, there is a zoo called “Tennoji Zoo”.
There are polar bears, rhinos, leopards, hippos, lions, giraffes, and many other animals.
There is also an event called “Night Zoo,” which is a nighttime tour of the zoo, available on limited days.
Since the zoo is operated by the government, the admission fee is very inexpensive at 500 yen.
If you have small children, I highly recommend it.

Tsutenkaku Tower / 通天閣


Tsutenkaku Tower stands in the center of Shinsekai.
This Tsutenkaku Tower is the second generation.
The first generation was built with a design mixing the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower.
The first Tsutenkaku Tower was burnt in a fire and was offered as a metal for weapons in World War II. Later, the current second Tsutenkaku Tower was built.
This Tsutenkaku Tower can be climbed inside for sightseeing.


The top is 100 meters high and you can look down on the city of Osaka from the observatory.
Tsutenkaku Tower has built a slide in 2022.
The slide is 26 meters high and 60 meters long.
The inside of the slide is transparent, so you can slide down it while looking at the city of Osaka.
A guidebook translated into 6 languages is available at the following link.
Please refer to it and enjoy!


Shopping in Shinsekai

shopping in shinsekai

Shinsekai offers a variety of shopping.
Especially, clothes are interesting.
Before I go any further, I will say that they are not fashionable.
The clothes in Shinsekai are “fancy”.
Jackets and shirts with Japanese patterns and anime designs are sold.
These clothes are unique to Japan, so buying them as gifts is recommended.

Shinsekai is full of delicious food and fun places to visit.
And it is the most fun place to experience Osaka culture in Japan.
Please visit Shinsekai!

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