Kuromon ichiba market

kuromon market 黒門 市場

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Kuromon Ichiba Market offers fresh fish and food in osaka.

kuromon market

Kuromon Market gathers many foodstuffs.
Meat, fish, shellfish, prepared foods, fruits, drinks, and many other foods are available.
And there are many restaurants and stalls where you can eat them.
There are many stores in the 580 meter long shopping street.
I want to eat fresh fish, shellfish, and fruits in Osaka.
If you think like that, you should not go to the port.

You should go to “Kuromon Market” which can be reached by train.
Kuromon Market is a shopping street in Nihonbashi, Osaka.
It is a market shopping street where you can find fresh seafood and fruits.
Kuromon Market is called “Osaka’s kitchen.
It is also a place where professional chefs come.
You will find many good foodstuffs and stalls.

How to get to Kuromon Market


Kuromon Ichiba is located 300 meters from Exit 10 of the Osaka Metro Nippombashi Station.
Kuromon Market is located near Namba in the south of Osaka.
Kuromon Market is in close proximity to the following areas.

  • Dotonbori, the entertainment district
  • Nippombashi for electricity, computers, and pop culture
  • Shinsekai the old and deep Osaka

Directions to Kuromon Market from the airport or Shinkansen station are as follows

From Shin-Osaka Station (Shinkansen Station)
Shin-Osaka (Osaka Metro Midosuji Line) → Namba (transfer to Osaka Metro Sennichimae Line) →Nippombashi (transfer to Osaka Metro Sennichimae Line)

From Itami Airport
Osaka Airport (Osaka Monorail) → Hotarugaike (transfer to Hankyu Train) → Nippombashi

From Kansai Airport
Kansai Airport (Nankai Railway) → Tenga-chaya (transfer to Osaka Metro Sakae-suji Line) → Nippombashi

Kuromon Market Opening Hours and Walking Directions

Stores at Kuromon Market open around 9:00.
And after 10:00, the number of people increases.
If you want to enjoy walking around slowly, I suggest you walk around while eating breakfast.
Kuromon Market sells a variety of foods.
You can buy them on the spot and eat them at the stores.
Closing time is from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m., depending on the store.

kuromon market photos

kuromon market

When you enter the market through the entrance marked “Kuromon Market”.

Kuromon Market

Streets are lined with stores and full of people.

kuromon market fresh fruit

There are fruits and delicious-looking juices lined up at the storefront.

kuromon market fish bowl

Kaisendon (seafood bowls) with fish sashimi on top, and sushi restaurants

kuromon market crab

Sea urchins, salmon roe, crabs, are lined up in front of the store

kuromon market octpus

You can also check out shrimp, eel, and octopus on skewers.

kuromon market grill

If you buy them, you can grill and eat them on the spot.


kuromon market reviews

Japanese intanet reviews of Kuromon Market include the following

  • It’s fun to look around.
  • It is good to eat and walk around.
  • There are many expensive stores for tourists.
  • More and more expensive stores are opened though they used to be cheap.

Recently, there is an article on the Japanese Internet that says that there is a rip-off of foreign tourists at Kuromon Market.
The article said that many stores charge reasonable prices, but some stores charge much higher prices. I was not surprised to read this.
When I visited the market in July 2023, there was one restaurant that charged 8,000 yen for sea urchin.

If you are shopping at Kuromon Market, I suggest you compare prices with other stores before you buy.
In my opinion, the food at Kuromon Market is good quality and tasty. The prices in many stores are a bit high for tourists.
However, the variety of things to eat at one time makes Kuromon Market a good place for tourists.

Recommended restaurants and stores in Kuromon Market

マグロや黒銀  Maguroya kurogin


Maguroya kurogin
Maguroya kurogin

There is a store with a long line in front of its stall at Kuromon Ichiba.
This store is “Maguroya kurogin”.
Tuna of the season is cooked and served at the stall.
The most popular menu item is the “Sanshoku-don,” a bowl of rice topped with three colors of tuna, which allows you to enjoy the flavor of the tuna.

越前かに職人甲羅組 Echizen Kanishokunin Kouragumi

Echizen Kanishokunin Kouragumi
Echizen Kanishokunin Kouragumi

A nice restaurant where you can choose crabs in the store and have them grilled on the spot.
There are also a variety of kaisen-don (seafood bowls).
I recommend the Kaisen-don here for its good price.

石橋食品 Ishibashi shokuhin

ishibashi shokuhin
ishibashi shokuhin

In the Kuromon Market, where most of the food is fresh, this restaurant is a little unusual in that it serves cooked side dishes.
We recommend the delicious oden that continues to simmer in the store.
Tourists are also crazy about the photo-worthy oden.

Kuromon Market Home Page

There are many other great stores.
You can go to the English homepage and the Chinese homepage from the URL below.
Please take a look and visit them.

HP(English ) :https://kuromon.com/en/
HP(Chinese ) :https://kuromon.com/zh/

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