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Takeshi’s Challenge: The Worst and Best kuso Game Ever Made by a Film Master

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Takeshi’s Challenge” is a legendary kuso game in the history of Japanese video games.
Kuso game means a low quality game like a poop in Japan.
There are two types of these kuso games.
One is the game that has no budget, manpower, or ideas and is just low quality.
The other is a messed up game with many legends.
Takeshi’s Challenge” is the latter.

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Takeshi Kitano is the genius creator of Japan.

Takeshi’s Challenge was supervised by Takeshi Kitano, who has won film awards at Cannes and Venice.

When Takeshi’s Challenge was made, Takeshi Kitano was not the film director, but Beat Takeshi, the number one comedian in Japan.
Takeshi Kitano had many talents: comedian, film director, actor, writer, musician, and radio personality.
A video game company decided to make a profit by creating a popular Takeshi Kitano video game.
The game company had planned a shooting game in which Beat Takeshi shoots enemies with gag rays.
But Takeshi Kitano was not just a TV personality.
Takeshi Kitano was an artist and a top creator.
Takeshi Kitano told the staff of the game company that
“I have a game I want to make. I will not be in that game.”

Then he begins to tell his story.
A company employee beats up the CEO and divorces his wife. And he finds treasure on a southern island.”
That’s the game I want to make!”
His ideas were tremendous.
He introduced the open world system in 1986, which began to be used in the 2000s.
Also, “Takeshi’s Challenge” was an adventure game and an action game in one.
This was also a very unusual system at the time.
This type of game is now commonplace in games such as Grand Theft Auto, Like a dragon, and Ghost of Tsushima.
But back in 1986, it was almost unheard of.
And Takeshi Kitano was able to come up with an incredible amount of ideas.
“You sing well at karaoke, and you get a hint.”
“You really play pachinko at a pachinko parlor.”
“Expose the treasure map to sunlight for eight hours. If you press a button during that time, you start over.”
The game creator manages to produce these ideas.
However, the treasure map was made into an hour because children playing the game would cry for 8 hours.
But even one hour is a crazy person’s idea.
This is not even in today’s games.
One game creator says in the map part of” Takeshi’s challenge”.
“I have free time. Why am I bored playing games?”

Takeshi’s Challenge is the difference between this game and the other damn games.


In recent years, games are readily available on smartphones.
Smartphone games are inexpensive to produce. Therefore, creators sometimes intentionally make low-quality games in order to stand out.
However, “Takeshi’s Challenge” was different from these games.
Why was “Takeshi’s Challenge” different?
The 1986 game did not have the capacity to give shape to many of Takeshi Kitano’s ideas.
As of 2023, the game has a capacity of 50 gigabytes!
The capacity of “Takeshi’s Challenge” is 128 kilobytes.
This is less than a single smartphone photo.
It was only 1/500,000th the capacity of current games.

Games are low capacity, and in that low capacity Takeshi Kitano packs a lot of mystery and planning into his games.
As a result, the game creator could put few clues in the game to solve the riddles.
This is because there is no data capacity to have the characters tell the hints.
As a result, Takeshi’s Challenge is full of difficult riddles.
However, Takeshi’s Challenge does not provide any hints to solve the riddle.
This means that the most difficult riddle-solving game of the 20th century has been created.
Probably, only Sherlock Holmes can complete this game without a strategy book.



Takeshi’s Challenge is also a mystery in the strategy book.

Takeshi's Challenge is the strategy book.

Takeshi’s Challenge was not only a game, but also a strategy book full of mysteries.
There are two strategy books for Takeshi’s Challenge.
The first one, created by Takeshi Kitano and Hiroshi Fukutsu (the game creator), was a riddle that said,
“We won’t let you solve the riddle easily! “
That strategy book did not provide a detailed description.
It was an introductory book to the game.
That book was about how sad salarymen are and how they should beat up yakuza (Japanese mafia) to gather information.
This book was all abstract.
I bought the book, read it, and played the game.


The feedback was, “I can’t complete the game after reading this strategy book.”
At the time, children and their parents who had purchased this strategy book called the publisher.
They said,
“The game is too difficult, so I bought the strategy book, but the game is not progressing.”
“The children are crying that the game is too difficult. Do something!”
The publisher received 400 calls a day with complaints, and the company decided to lie, answering the callers with the following statement:
“The author of the book is dead.”
This word was powerful.Like a devil’s curse.
The word has lost the call of complaint.
By the way, in 2022, the author, Mr. Fukutsu, is alive and well.
To remedy this situation, the publisher has created a second strategy book



Takeshi’s challenge becomes legendary.

Takeshi’s Challenge was sold on December 10, 1986.

One of the legends of Takeshi’s Challenge is the incident that occurred the day before this, on December 9.
On December 9, Takeshi Kitano attacked Friday magazine with his disciples.
Friday magazine is Japan’s leading gossip magazine.
The reason was that a reporter of Friday magazine hurt his unfaithful partner.
If the incident were in Japan today, “Takeshi’s Challenge” would not be sold.
However, Japan at that time saw no problem in selling it, and sold it.

And the game software sold 800,000 units.
The price of this game was 5,300 yen ($22.3 $1 = 237.5 yen).
At that time, a washing machine could be bought for 30,000-50,000 yen in Japan.
From this point of view, “Takeshi’s Challenge” was an extremely expensive game.
However, this expensive game became the number one kuso game in history.
I was in elementary school at the time.
Video game software was very expensive for children in those days.
The only time my parents would buy me game software was for my birthday or as a Christmas present.
Two games a year was an important choice.

I am now 44 years old. However, I have never in my life been more distressed than I was in elementary school over the choice of video game software.
The first half of 1986 saw the release of many masterpieces that would leave their names in history, such as TwinBee, Gradius, Dragon Quest, and Ghosts ‘n Goblins.
When we saw those games we thought to ourselves.
“This year’s games are fantastic!”
However, around December, a number of legendary kuso games were released:
” Mystery of Convoy,” “Super Monkey Adventure,” “Takeshi’s Challenge,” and so on.

Many children chose “Takeshi’s Challenge” as their Christmas present
At the time, I saw “Takeshi’s Challenge” with Takeshi Kitano’s face on it as a diamond.
On Christmas morning, we gathered together with the game software we had acquired.
Then we started playing the games Santa Claus gave us.
My friend had gotten “Doraemon” and “Family Stadium”.
Each of us started playing the game.
It was as if we were bragging to each other about how wonderful we had gotten.

I played “Takeshi’s Challenge” for a few hours and felt. “What is this game? I don’t understand.”
I felt as if I had drawn a live bullet in a game of Russian roulette.
I’ve never played Russian roulette before.
I realized. It was not a diamond on my pillow, but a poop.
Santa Claus brought poop to my house.


The number one kuso game in history, Takeshi’s Challenge.


takeshi,s challenge legend end

Takeshi’s Challenge” still reigns as the greatest champion in the history of the kuso game.
After its release, various tricks were discovered to increase the number of people who could reach the goal, the southern island.
One of them was to press the punch button 20,000 times in a row. I actually did it. It requires hitting it continuously for an hour.
My hand was sore for about a week.
And “Takeshi’s Challenge” uses a lot of time and power to reach its ending.
The ending words are

“Why take a game such as this so seriously?”

That’s all.
This game is horribly labor intensive.
Moreover, there is no joy in completing the game!
Jon tron, a popular you tuber, has tried and cleared this game. Take a look.

Takeshi’s Challenge 2 – The Phantom Sequel

Hiroshi Fukutsu, the creator of “Takeshi’s Challenge,” stated in an interview in 2022.
There was a plan to make “Takeshi’s Challenge II” on x-box by Microsoft.
Takeshi’s Challenge had many avid fans as a legendary Kuso game.
The person responsible for the Xbox was a fan of Takeshi’s Challenge.
He chose “Takeshi’s Challenge II” as his Xbox strategy for Japan.
Takeshi Kitano described the concept of “Takeshi’s Challenge II” as “a game of escape
And finally, we find the treasure.”
Takeshi Kitano says. The protagonist “runs away” anyway.
He escapes through the city.
I want to make a game in which I use all my abilities to escape.
The game begins with a scene in which the protagonist is being chased.
And he doesn’t even know what he is being chased by.
But as he is being chased, he gradually learns what he is being chased for.”
I want to put in a scene where he is hiding in a garbage dumpster, and then a garbage truck comes and takes the garbage bags away, leaving him with nowhere to hide.
“The angle at which the sun’s rays enter the room is solved using trigonometric functions.
“The main character escapes in disguise. When the disguise changes, the story changes.
Takeshi Kitano had a variety of ideas.
However, “Takeshi’s Challenge II” was discontinued due to circumstances at the game company.

The best and the worst game softwareThe best and the worst game software “Takeshi’s Challenge”

I spent my childhood in the 1980s.
The Family Computer and “Takeshi’s Challenge” synchronize with my youth.
This game, known as the legendary “shit game,” was absurd.
When I was in elementary school, “Takeshi’s Challenge” was a monster of mystery.
When I was a college student, I was surrounded by PlayStation and nitendo64.
But we were playing “Takeshi’s Challenge” which has a funny legend.
We were playing “Takeshi’s Challenge” with laughter.
Takeshi’s Challenge” is a lousy game.
However, “Takeshi’s Challenge” had an addictive and absurd fun that made us want to play.
Takeshi’s Challenge” is low quality.
I can’t solve the puzzles in “Takeshi’s Challenge” at all.
Takeshi’s Challenge” is frustrating.
But we can enjoy there the magical world that we can only feel in “Takeshi’s Challenge”.
If you are willing to waste your time and money, you can play with “Takeshi’s Challenge”.
You will waste your time which is of no benefit to you.
And it is the best time.

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